Greener Sports Minds

Sport’s status as a beloved entertainment form has perhaps shielded it from the scrutiny felt by other economic sectors.

But it is time now for sustainability to play a central role in Sport.

Emphasise sustainability

Every stakeholder in the Sports world has a responsibility towards environmental sustainability. We take this responsibility very seriously, instituting good practices in sustainability through Sport, with a specific focus on Table Tennis.

This project is in line with the priorities of the Erasmus+ programme for the actions to be developed under the field of Sports with the focus given to grassroots sport. It aims to “Promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills Development” and, in particular, as an impact method in human behaviour for a greater critical awareness and environmental sustainability.

Moreover, this project is designed from a bottom-up approach, and by this in terms of sport grassroots level and movement, to promote local and community synergies for a more environmentally friendly policy of good sports governance practice viewed as Community values and Cultural drivers (direct action in cognitive socio-behavioural domains).

So, this project is designed, in a non-formal way, to:

  • Enable young people, youth workers and sports grassroots’ organizations, to develop a limited set of measures, actions and “green flags” initiatives strictly associated with the local practice sports and games, promoting sports for doubly healthy earnings (lifestyle and environmental policy);
  • Create at grassroots’ level, points or spots where the “green flags” initiatives & Grassroots’ Green Sports campaigns strictly associated with the local practice of sports and games will be held by local Stakeholders (grassroots’ movement);
  • Increase the sense of belonging and the sense of community for the individual in their local community through their direct and active participation and empowerment obtained through the practice of sports and games associated with the practice of an environmental policy with impact on the life of the citizen and his community in particular in urban spaces;
  • Build empowered and committed Greener Sports’ Minds grassroots’ communities to increase the processes of citizen participation and empower them for the environmental challenges that today’s EU regions are facing and where the paradigm of formal education is not enough to cover such challenges.


The project activities, according to Erasmus+ programme guide, were designed to embrace:

  • Development, identification, promotion and sharing of good practices;
  • Preparation, development and implementation of educational and training materials and tools;
  • Networking among stakeholders;
  • Awareness-raising activities on the added value of sport and physical activity in relation to the personal, social and professional development of individuals, as well;
  • Activities to promote innovative synergies between the field of sport and the fields of health, environment, non-formal education, training and youth.

This collaborative partnership and its plan of activities intend to fully contribute to the implementation, at a grassroot level, of the EU Physical Activity Guidelines, training multipliers (non-professionals and volunteers) to put into practice tailored made plans for the practice of innovative synergies (as a supported activities).