Greener Sports Minds


  • Stk Starr Varaždin (host) HRVATSKA
  • Tenis de Mesa Narón ESPAÑA
  • Ala de Nun’Álvares de Gondomar PORTUGAL
  • ASRTT Etival Tennis de Table FRANCE
  • Comitato regionale FITeT Lazio ITALIA


Fernando Montero Bellas
Lusiano Perez
Jerôme Humbert
Mário Pedro Couto
Ronald Ređep

Petar Znika
Vito Milak
Ana Znika
Simon Vincek
Pablo Koren
Karla Franovic
Mark Marcec
Mateo Terihaj
Lovro Horvat
Lorenzo Comini
Emanuele Andrea De Biasi
Lorenzo Quoldi
Julie Arnould
Nathan Humbert
Fabio Grifasi
Sofia Couce
Andre Ordiales
Martin Garcia


  • Presentation of the local Greener Sports’ Minds Locations that will be created by each partners’ country that will run all the training activities period.
  • Workshops based on Greener Sports’ Minds Citizen Involvement in Traditional Sports and Games Toolkit.
  • Workshops based on Greener Sports’ Minds Organiser’s Handbook Citizen Involvement Assessment.
  • Definition of the training activities plan for Coaching Local Youth Groups agreed among all and according to their own realities.


Best practices in the field of mobility and energy policies in Varaždin: tour of the city.